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Myrddin's War

Five years after Myrddin's disappearance, Bob Johnson is still living with The Sword of Power hanging on the wall over his fireplace: still wondering why he has it and what his rôle in Myrddin's War is supposed to be. Strange things begin to happen that appear to be centred on Bob and Jane’s young son.

Myrddin re-enters the lives of the Johnson family. He claims that the Great Goddess Anu, goddess of the Earth and protector of the planet, is losing patience with mankind. Whether they believe him or not, the Johnson family are swept up into Myrddin's apparently crazy plan to placate Anu by changing mankind's behaviour.

Crazy it may be, but it seems to be working.

Then Nigel Sligo, a gutter press reporter, arrives in Princetown. Local gossip arouses his curiosity. Convinced that he's onto his biggest ever story, he's not going to give up.

The Dini are living on a remote royal estate in Scotland. Without realising it, Sligo is on their trail. What will happen if he finds them? Could it turn victory in Myrddin's War into defeat for mankind?


Publisher's Notes

Number of Pages:
22 cm
14 cm
Paperback: 978-1-905856-02-2
ePub: 978-1-905856-11-4


Congratulations on a fantastic and equally gripping sequel to The Saving
Val Gibson

If ever there was a work of fiction which grips from the first page, this is it! Well written, captivating and well-researched, it is highly recommended.
Crediton Country Courier

The responses to The Saving printed in Myrddin's War speak volumes, but I feel that they will pale in the face of what will surely come after the latter. The whole story - including "The Message" - and its presentation is able to be understood by all but the very young, but they have something special to look forward to!
John Osborne

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